Our Farms

The Donnelly family have been growing produce throughout Ireland for over twenty years. We are committed to home grown produce where possible using the latest technology and techniques to produce high quality Fresh produce daily for our customers.

We use Agricultural practices that incorporate economic, environmental, and social sustainability and believe that our quality comes from caring for our land.  

What we Grow

On Donnelly’s farms we grow a range of brassica vegetables such as Cauliflower, Broccoli, Tenderstem and a variety of cabbages.

We also grow salad leaves for our salad bags and festive produce such as pumpkins for Halloween.

Soil Health

By looking after our soil and helping to retain nutrients naturally we can grow rich produce. We prioritize increasing our soil fertility by tilling in remaining organic material after crops are harvested and using cover crops on our annual land rotations. These ensure that nutrients do not get washed out of the soil during heavy rains reducing our need to add nutrients later.

Where we Farm

We farm all our vegetable crops in the market garden of North County Dublin. Through careful crop selection and crop rotation we produce some of the finest vegetables and salad leaves in Ireland and because of our sustainable farming practices we can ensure our land is properly cared for at all times.